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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

it has been almost one year since i've last blogged. why i returned? shit happened. i dont know why i'm being unreasonable all of a sudden but at that moment, all i thought was, "it's all your fault that all this happened.." i really hate this word but JEALOUSY seriously screws a person's judgement. i thought i'm way past over this juvenile feeling but apparently, i'm still prone to it sometimes.

because of this, i think feelings changed. suddenly, i miss my baby a lot. i wish i can start today all over again. so that i can put right the wrong.. or maybe.. i should just make things right tomorrow and hope that things will be better. worse come to worse, i lose 2 friends. one of whom is my best female friend i've ever had.

in conclusion... i blogged after a hiatus of one year because I'M FEELING EMO TONIGHT!!!!! T.T
Thursday, January 28, 2010

XD how long has it been since i've last blogged?? VERY long. =x oops~ a little update here~

in the month of Jan, i've been really busy. with essays, presentation.. mainly school stuff. and now, it's EXAM! wouldnt be as busy as before but after 2 more weeks, i'll be totally FREE!!! =D so yup. that's all for school.

recently, it has been steamboat week. had steamboat with elaine and gang on tue night. and tomorrow night is going to be steamboat night again with ivy and gang. woo hoo! hahahah somehow i kinda like school cause i can make new friends. =D i just dont like assignments.. so ya.. ahaha

oh, it's kbox this sat with debbie and her friends. i know it'll be a little o.o cause i dont know her friends but still.. it's KBOX!!! who wouldnt go?!!?!?! =p plus, it's been very long since i've seen debbie so just treating it as a gathering of "old" friends ba. =)

i'm going to meet up with darling cindy and hubby van tonight to discuss about our trip! XD so high~ hopefully after we planned, daddy would say yes to me going.. =x

zh's been pestering me to go to his workplace. think he's feeling lonely there. LOL oh well. we'll see how ba~ =p speaking of zh, we've been heading to iluma to catch soft toys! =D so freaking shiok! woo hoo~

on the relationship front.. it's funny how i've been searching for love but all along it's been right in front of me. 8 years of friendship.. truth to be told, i'm still kind of amazed that it has developed into love. lol but i guess it's a good thing. cause after all i've been through, i've learnt how to appreciate him more, and to treasure what i have. =) though the reactions of our friends were kinda funny when they found out about us.. LOL

so all in all, 2010 has been a good year SO FAR~ hopefully it'll get better! XD ciao~
Tuesday, January 05, 2010

=3 i'm feeling happy. and i dont know the reason why~~ =p

i'm supposed to start on my essay today.. but i'm tired. so..... think i'll take a little nap and start later~~! XD
Saturday, January 02, 2010

XD this is like so overdue~

Quizzes Girls Games
Tuesday, December 29, 2009